Relax on hammockEvery year as we returned to grade school, I remember being asked, “What did you do on your summer vacation?” As we talked about trips, swimming, playing or just spending time with friends and family, we began to re-establish connections to each other and prepare for school work.

Over the last few months, our NPCons consultants have spent time on sabbatical, resting and relaxing, learning new skills or reflecting on new directions.  As we return to our routines, let’s take the opportunity to reconnect and share what we did on our summer vacations.

What was the best thing you did for yourself over the summer?

How does taking time off help you to be a better consultant?

What did learn over the summer that will make the rest of the year even better?

What do you wish you’d had time for?  Is there still a way to make it happen?

Please join us on Tuesday, September 16th at 1 PM PT, US, to share your experiences and plans with your colleagues. Hope to see you there!


We’ve all heard inspiring stories about the self-made person — those mythical heroes who pull themselves up by their bootstraps and find success on their own terms, without help from anyone else. Nonsense! Each and every one of us has benefitted from the help and support of dozens of people to achieve our goals. As […]

“Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.” -Madeleine L’Engle, author, A Wrinkle in Time If you’ve worked for any period of time with community benefit organizations, you know the power of stories. Neuroscience has shown we are hard-wired to respond to stories—narratives of human experience connect us across generation, culture, and […]


One of the most troubling situations nonprofit consultants deal with is a client relationship that just isn’t working.  Sometimes there are hints early on that trouble could be lurking.  Perhaps your “spidey” sense is telling you that all is not as it seems.  There may be small misunderstandings or conflicting information between staff and board.  […]


As consultants we spend a lot time thinking, talking, or developing tools of our trade — those tools vary based on the specific focus of your consulting. Often the tools of the trade are technical skills, talents, or abilities. All of these are important — to acquire, develop, and polish. Yet however skilled we may […]


Do you get really excited by some really cool new tool or process but can’t persuade clients to give it a chance? Community organizations tend to be very wary of new processes or tools, especially those with a learning curve. It might take time away from serving the community! Do clients sometimes ask you about […]


Thanks to Whitney Brimfield for asking the question,” How do I use social media to get the word out about my work” and to Kivi Leroux Miller for starting an engaged discussion on the value of LinkedIn, which prompted this month’s topic. So many questions in the NPCons Facebook group relate to social media.  Should […]


Good consultants are always learning, always growing. The old saw that consultants teach Client #2 what they learned from working with Client #1 is, in part, true. Growing. Evolving. Getting Better.  And sometimes, completely switching gears. The governance consultant who has grown beyond the Best Practice work he has always done, who is excited about […]

At year-end, the media bombard us with “Best of” lists of movies and news stories and music videos and – well, a lot of silly lists to fill air time. Each year in December, the #NPCons chat turns that silliness into something useful – a “Best of” list that could actually move us all forward: […]


Do you have times when you wonder why you ever became an entrepreneur? When you start envying someone with an incredibly boring job for the benefits or for knowing each week how much they earn? All human beings need to think about what is good about our lives. Doing that helps us get through the dark […]

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