Do you ever find yourself wondering what one thing could I change that would change everything else? I do. Perhaps that’s why I feel so at home with my Creating the Future family.

Questions and future

You see, at Creating the Future we believe to change the world, we must first change the questions. Changing the questions changes the assumptions we bring to our work and our lives by making those assumptions more explicit.  If we know what types of questions bring out the best in others (and ourselves), we can change the world by changing our conversations. 

As we conclude another year of great NPCons chats, join us as we explore what questions you asked in 2014 and how those questions changed you and others.

The December NPCons Chat promises to be a passionate conversation with the potential for mammoth change — of you, your consulting work, your clients, your community, and yes, ultimately the world.

 What questions did you change in 2014?

 What was your favorite question to ask in 2014? And why was it your favorite?

 Do you remember a question that unlocked a powerful conversation?

 What did changing the questions make possible in the conversations?

What better outcomes did you experience because of changed questions and conversations?

 How does changing the questions change the conversation?

 What new possibilities emerged as a result of those conversations?

What does changing the question make possible for the client?

 What question do you want to have the courage to ask in 2015 that might just change the world (at least your world)?

Put it on your calendar now to join the December NPCons Twitter Chat on Tuesday, December 16th 4:00 pm ET (GMT – 5:00). We would love for you to join this conversation.


It’s that time of year again – the season when the pull of work, family and community becomes decidedly…overwhelming. Most of us understand instinctively that we must take time for leisure. In fact, more research is emerging that downtime, procrastination, and good, old-fashioned rest actually enhance creativity and productivity. And the dangers of stress are […]


It might start as a nagging feeling that you just aren’t feeling as enthusiastic about your consulting projects as you used to. Maybe you’ve noticed a mismatch between the projects you want to do, and the ones you’re hired to do. Or perhaps you’re running on auto-pilot—too much so, in fact—and miss being challenged. Stuck […]


Every year as we returned to grade school, I remember being asked, “What did you do on your summer vacation?” As we talked about trips, swimming, playing or just spending time with friends and family, we began to re-establish connections to each other and prepare for school work. Over the last few months, our NPCons […]


We’ve all heard inspiring stories about the self-made person — those mythical heroes who pull themselves up by their bootstraps and find success on their own terms, without help from anyone else. Nonsense! Each and every one of us has benefitted from the help and support of dozens of people to achieve our goals. As […]

“Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.” -Madeleine L’Engle, author, A Wrinkle in Time If you’ve worked for any period of time with community benefit organizations, you know the power of stories. Neuroscience has shown we are hard-wired to respond to stories—narratives of human experience connect us across generation, culture, and […]


One of the most troubling situations nonprofit consultants deal with is a client relationship that just isn’t working.  Sometimes there are hints early on that trouble could be lurking.  Perhaps your “spidey” sense is telling you that all is not as it seems.  There may be small misunderstandings or conflicting information between staff and board.  […]


As consultants we spend a lot time thinking, talking, or developing tools of our trade — those tools vary based on the specific focus of your consulting. Often the tools of the trade are technical skills, talents, or abilities. All of these are important — to acquire, develop, and polish. Yet however skilled we may […]


Do you get really excited by some really cool new tool or process but can’t persuade clients to give it a chance? Community organizations tend to be very wary of new processes or tools, especially those with a learning curve. It might take time away from serving the community! Do clients sometimes ask you about […]


Thanks to Whitney Brimfield for asking the question,” How do I use social media to get the word out about my work” and to Kivi Leroux Miller for starting an engaged discussion on the value of LinkedIn, which prompted this month’s topic. So many questions in the NPCons Facebook group relate to social media.  Should […]

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